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A few lingering showers from the line of showers that moved through last night still remain into the morning hours. However, the greatest chance for precipitin should leave central Oklahoma by 9 am, and eastern Oklahoma later this afternoon. Temperatures this morning are mild thanks to the overnight cloud cover. Western and eastern Oklahoma is in the mid to upper 50s, while the central part of the state is in the low 60s. Winds are light, mainly 5 to 10 mph out of the south-southeast across much of the state. Dew point depressions across much of the state are very shallow, leaving the possibility for patchy to dense fog. The greater chance for fog is in western Oklahoma, with a few areas in central Oklahoma having a chance as well. The fog should dissipate before 10 am. Temperatures will continue to be gradually warmer today as many locations across the state can expect to see highs in the upper 70s with a few seeing the low 80s in southwestern Oklahoma. Winds will remain light and out of the south throughout the day, along with decreasing cloud cover giving way to mostly sunny skies.

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Thursday, October 23:

Yesterday:  High Temp:80 °F  (3:10 PM)  Moon Phase
Low Temp:54 °F  (6:13 AM)  
Today:Average High Temp:  71 °F  
Average Low Temp:49 °F  
Record High Temp:89 °F  (2003)
Record Low Temp:26 °F  (1917)
Sunrise:7:44 AM
Sunset:6:45 PM

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