Developer's Corner - Between the Code

Welcome to Developer's Corner - Between the Code! This is a blog run by the Director and Deputy Director of Development. Here, we will discuss the status of OWL's development branch known as the Hub of OWL Operational Technology, or HOOT for short. For those who never heard of HOOT, it started back in 2004 as the HOOT Project or internally known as the "HOOT Group" before becoming fully integrated into OWL as its development branch in 2007. HOOT is responsible for maintaning OWL's website and provide members a friendly enviroment to practice coding and development. The posts below this one will be in reverse chronological order so the newest info will be easy to access. Thank you!

Developer's Corner - Between the Code: The Need for HOOT

As OWL enters the 2019-2020 school year and continues to evolve it has become clear that our development branch, Hub of OWL Operational Technology (HOOT), must be revived to continue our growth. HOOT started back in 2004 as the HOOT Project or internally known as the "HOOT Group". The project revamped OWL's website and created products to help our forecasters make better forecasts and access data faster. HOOT became fully integrated into OWL as its development branch in 2007 and became responsible in maintaining OWL's website. Slowly, HOOT started to become inactive after launching its own website, which became a one stop site for our forecasters as they could pull data from different models and access the products that HOOT had created throughout the years. 2007-2014 was a calm period for OWL as the hard work of previous members gave OWL stability and a wide range of tools to provide its members with a great forecasting experience. Sometime in 2015, the servers that hosted the OWL and HOOT websites were upgrade, however this upgrade caused the two websites to crash. By this time HOOT was a shell of its former self and it lacked the resources to handle such a devastating lost of 10+ years of hard work as HOOT only had two members and both graduated that year.

As Director of Development, it is my duty to maintain OWL's website and the various systems within our lab. It is also my duty to lead HOOT and guide our members as they practice coding and development in a friendly enviroment. My first step in fulfilling my duties was the development of this website for OWL. Now I want to focus my attention to HOOT so this website and OWL's systems are maintained well into the future. For the current students at OU and the incoming freshmen and transfer students who are interested in HOOT, please vist the OWL Lab on the first floor of the National Weather Center once school starts to learn more about our organization and show interest in helping revive HOOT. Pay attention to our social media pages to learn when OWL's first general meeting will take place, so you can show interest and help determine when the HOOT meeting will take place.

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