Statewide Forecast Discussion:

Issued: 7:53 PM CDT (0055Z), Sunday, October 18, 2019


Overnight severe storms in the eastern majority of the state on Sunday night into early Monday morning, with another cold front expected Thursday.


Cold front will pass over Oklahoma tonight, along with substantial lift from the right entrance region of the jet streak, effective bulk shear around 55 knots, and 0-1km SRH values around 300 m2/s2, leading to a enhanced risk of severe storms in the south eastern majority of the state, with the north eastern portions expecting mostly general thunderstorms.


Tomorrow the temperatures will range from the mid 60s to the lower 70s. Tuesday will be drier and will be in the mid 60s to lower 70s. Wednesday is going to be in the lower to upper 70s, with southerly winds from 20-25 mph. Thursday, there will be a cold front that is expected to pass over leading to cooler temperatures.

Student Forecaster(s): Shores

Short-Term Norman Forecast Discussion:

Issued: 7:53 PM CDT (0055Z), Sunday, October 18, 2019


Currently it is 74, with severe storms expected to start in the next hour.


Storms will continue for the next couple hours, leading to cooler temperatures in the upper 40s tomorrow morning, and up to mid 60s tomorrow afternoon.


Severe storms will be expected until midnight tonight, with potential for hail and strong wind gusts, and potential flooding.

Student Forecaster(s): Shores

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