The OWL Board 2019-2020

President: Nolan Meister

Nolan has been a member of OWL since he entered OU back in 2016. As a sophomore, he served as Director of Operations, and has been president since Fall 2018. Nolan has also led an evening shift since 2017. Outside of OWL, he has worked as an Operator/Quality Assurance student worker for the Oklahoma Mesonet, participated in the TORUS research project, and worked the summer of 2019 at the NWS Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center. Nolan Miester graduated from OU May 2020 and will attend grad school at OU.

Vice President: Jenna Warner

Jenna's status as VP of OWL marks her third year serving on the OWL board. Before being elected VP, Jenna started out as Deputy of Broadcast Media, and then became Director of Broadcast Media in the fall of 2018. She received the Forrest W. Johns Memorial Meteorology Scholarship in 2018 for her work with the lab. This past January, at the annual AMS Conference in Phoenix, she presented a student poster on OWL Broadcast with now Director of Broadcast Media, Nash Rhodes. In addition to her Vice President role, Jenna has interned with WBNS 10TV in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and served as an intern for the past year at KWTV News 9. Career wise, her goals surround Emergency Management and Broadcast Meteorology. Her goals for the 2019-2020 school year within OWL are to complete the broadcast room, gain more traction on OWL’s social media platforms, and boost school spirit towards the organization.

Secretary/Treasurer: Andrea Gordon

This will be Andrea's first year serving as Secretary/Treasurer for OWL. As treasurer, Andrea applies for funding while creating and maintaining a budget for OWL. She also takes meeting minutes for board meetings as secretary. In addition to being Secretary/Treasurer, Andrea co-led the Monday night shift with Deputy Director of Development, Amanda Novak.

Director of Development: Joshua Schank

Joshua was honored to spend his senior year as Director of Development, and he was the one who built the current OWL website. As Director of Development, Joshua's main duties included maintaining OWL's website and leading its development team known as Hub of OWL Operational Technology (HOOT). Joshua led the Thurday night shift alongside Emilie McReynolds and Development Historian, Bruce Pollock as shift leaders. Before Joshua became Director of Development he was Director of Shifts and helped maintain the computers in the OWL room. Joshua graduated from OU May of 2020 and plans to follow his love for weather forecasting as a career. He plans to continue supporting OWL/HOOT as a mentor and help test code for the OWL website. He will continue writing his own forecast discussions on his personal website:

Deputy Director of Development: Amanda Novak

This will be Amanda's first year serving as the Deputy Director of Development. As Deputy Director of Development, Amanda assists the Director, Joshua with maintaining OWL's website and leading the development team (HOOT). In addition to being the Deputy Director of Development, Amanda co-led the Monday night shift.

Development Historian: Bruce Pollock

This is Bruce's first year serving as Historian for OWL. As Historian Bruce's job is to find and publish the history of OWL, record any events of note, and assist in maintaining the OWL website under the development team. In addition to serving as Historian, Bruce led a shift alongside Joshua Schank and Emilie McReynolds on Thursdays. Bruce also served as the Student Affairs Commitee (SAC) Sophomore Representative.

Director of Broadcast Media: Nash Rhodes

Nash has been an OWL Board member since 2018, and is currently serving his first year as Director of Broadcast Media. His goal is to find new ways to grow OWL's presence on social media and ensure there are ample opportunities for incoming students to take a swing at the broadcast field. Along with his duties in OWL, Nash is a student meteorologist for OU Nightly and manages multiple social media accounts that have garnered millions of impressions worldwide. He has spent his last two summers with WKRN in Nashville and CNN in Atlanta gaining experience writing articles, presenting graphics, and clearing online content for use on air. In the future, he would love to pursue a career in broadcast meteorology.

Co-Deputy Director of Broadcast Media: Emma Landeros

Emma has been an OWL member since she arrived at OU last year, but this is her first year on the board as Co-Deputy Director of Broadcast Media. Her goal for OWL this school year is to work on social media presence. Emma is also a bilingual student meteorologist with OWL's media branch in OU Nightly. She is looking forward to contributing her skill set to the organization. Emma spent the summer interning with KJRH in Tulsa, OK where she gained more confidence in front of the green screen as well as gained experience working with the Baron Software. After graduation, Emma hopes to become a bilingual broadcast meteorologist.

Co-Deputy Director of Broadcast Media: Juliana Meija

As Co-Deputy Director of Media, Juliana helps lead the OWL Broadcast team to monitor the social media accounts, create OWL Broadcast videos, and make sure the graphics are running properly. Career-wise, her goal is to become a broadcast meteorologist and she looks forward to learning more skills through OU Nightly and OWL. This is Juliana’s first year on the board and she is most excited to expand OWL’s social media reach, and work on the broadcast videos.

Director of Operations: James Cuellar

James' main duties as the Director of Operations is to oversee and maintain the operations within OWL. Essentially, this means making sure the internal gears of OWL are well-oiled and functioning properly. James also works as a student assistant for the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP) and leads a shift partnered with SCIPP which focuses on long-term and climate forecasting. Last year as Director of Training, James and the previous Director of Operations, Leah Hill, helped to expand the Weekly Regional Forecast Podcast into something followers on OWL's social media platforms could understand and interact with. With his passion for forecasting, James hopes to pursue a career in this section of meteorology whether in the private or public sector. James graduated from OU May 2020.

Director of Training: Isaiah Schick

This will be Isaiah's first year on the OWL board and he will be serving as Director of Training. With this title, Isaiah will be helping Director or Operations, James Cuellar, with his duties. Isaiah will also co-lead the climate shift alongside James. Isaiah's future goals, post graduation, include working for the National Weather Service and research the societal impacts of climate change.

Director of Shifts: Danya Meadows

This is Danya's first year serving on the OWL board. As Director of Shifts, Danya's duties include working with shift leaders to make sure daily shift operations run smoothly, and help solve minor technical issues shift leaders may come across during normal operations. Danya also works as a student research assistant for the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) and National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL). After graduation, Danya wants to continue working with weather radars and visual data.

Director of Outreach: Elizabeth Leslie

This will be Elizabeth's third year serving as Director of Outreach. As Director of Outreach, Elizabeth assists in New Student Orientation and helps with the planning of monthly general meetings. She also keeps track of attendance and implemented an award system for members of OWL. In addition to serving as Director of Outreach, she co-led the Tuesday night shift with OWL President, Nolan Meister. Elizabeth graduated from OU May 2020.

Deputy Director of Outreach: Hannah Gard

This is Hannah's first year working as Deputy Director of Outreach and she will help with New Student Orientation and planning meetings. She is an intern at KKTV 11 News in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She received the AMS Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship. She chose OU because she says it's the best school you could be at to do what she wants to do, which is be a broadcast meteorologist.

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