Statewide Forecast Discussion:

Issued: 04:39 PM CDT (21:39 Z), Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

The week will continue to get hotter and drier. As the week progresses, high temperatures will increase into the mid and upper 90s. Some portions of the state, especially the panhandle and western Oklahoma will reach into the low 100s. No precipitation is expected by the weekend. 

Wednesday will be hot and dry with highs in the very high 90s for the panhandle, high 90s for western Oklahoma, and low to mid 90s for the eastern portion of the state. Wednesday night's lows will be in the mid 70s across the state. Thursday will be even hotter for the state with highs in the low 100s for the panhandle and western Oklahoma, mid 90s for central and eastern Oklahoma. On Thursday, the winds will pick up to 15 knots in the panhandle and the western portion while the rest of the state experiences calmer winds. On Friday, the winds will be about 15 knots in the central portion while the rest of the state experiences calmer winds. 

The 594 dam ridge centered over the Western US will strengthen as the week progresses. Friday through the weekend offers worse conditions for the panhandle but a bit of relief to central Oklahoma. The temperatures in the panhandle will most likely soar to about 105 F over the weekend while the central portion of the state on Saturday may have only 88 F temperatures. No precipitation is in the forecast through the weekend. 

Student Forecaster: SAFRANEK

Short Term Norman Forecast Discussion:

Issued: 04:45 PM CDT (21:45 Z), Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

It is currently 91 degrees with mostly sunny skies and an East wind of 7 mph.

Overnight will see a low of 69 with clear conditions and a calm wind between 3-6 mph.


Student Forecaster: SAFRANEK
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